Sylvain Henry – Chemtrails 101

Posted by parainvestigators on Wednesday, 11 of May , 2011 at 8:41 pm

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Mondays episode of PIR Radio we had Sylvain Henry on as our guest.

Here is more info about Sylvain:

I am a social media consultant, event manager and online researcher.

In my time off, I organize socio-business get-togethers where I chat with old friends, meet new friends, and speak on key social issues. My events include: Coffee Chats for singles, Chat-Walks for the health-minded intellectuals, business networking for entrepreneurs and job-seekers .

Microvolunteer for world peace, vegetarian single dad who wishes to: find jobs for my friends; help regreen the world; help youth become more self-sustainable

My favourite discussion topics:
Stimulating the Canadian economy, from the bottom up.
Dealing with the changeable root causes of homelessness.
Preventive healthcare practices.

Sylvain’s 24 hour Hotline: 613-600-5323

Below are some of the groups I have created in Facebook:

Unemployed People With Disabilities

Mass Action Demand: Chemtrails

Mass Action Demand: Chemtrail Chatroom

Trustland Recession Survivors

Health, Environment, Security & Safety Alerts

Alternative Healthcare:

Global Patient Alliance

Immigrant Doctors of Canada

Please also visit PIR Radio’s website at


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