PIR Talk Radio 02-19-2012

Posted by parainvestigators on Monday, 20 of February , 2012 at 12:08 pm

Please enjoy this broadcast of the new PIR Talk Radio Show with hosts Kurt Smith and Bill Horton.

Segment 1 we talk about Grants departure from Ghost Hunters
Segment 2 discuss if babies are intuitive or not
Segment 3 New Australian Airport Security rules
Segment 4 The possible erruption of Mt. Fuji and 2012

Please enjoy this episode of PIR Radio !!

Please visit our website at www.pirradio.com

If you want to check out the show live please join us every Sunday night at 9pm est / 8pm cst on the PRO Radio network.  www.paranormalradioonline.com

We hope you got your paranormal radio experience

Click Link for Audio —->  2012-02-20T09_01_03-08_00.mp3


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Para Investigators Radio is an internet-based, paranormal talk show on the Paranormal Radio Online Network. Join your hosts Kurt and Bill weekly as they discuss topics relating to the paranormal, interview those involved with and affected by the paranormal, and much more.